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Alchemy Creations
Alchemy Creations

We like working for our clients, we really do. Business cards to building wraps, wedding invites an e-commerce website, it’s all good.

We like the variety each job brings, the different challenges, the feedback, the satisfied customer when we’re all done. In short, we love our job.

Working on your own things though. Well that’s different.

I know a painter and decorator. A good one too. You go round to his house and quite frankly it looks like it could use a lick of paint. That’s because when he goes home he doesn’t want to carry on what he’s been doing all day. I feel his pain.

We needed a new website (you’re looking at it) and in theory it should have been great fun. You see we like designing websites, they tick all our boxes as they get our design, technical geekery and writing juices flowing.

When it’s your own though, things are different. For starters client’s work comes first so there is often an excuse to put things off. And who do you report to when it’s your own work? Where is the feedback, the constructive criticism even?? We’re designers, it can’t be rubbish, but what if it is rubbish?

So you give a select group of people a sneak peek. It’s not rubbish (phew!) but are they just saying that? They aren’t paying for it, they might just be saying nice things to be kind.

You have to take a step away. Why do we need a new website? Well, we’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years – we have bigger clients, new areas of expertise, more work to show off – and we need a platform to sell ourselves. A metaphorical slap in the face is needed. We’re doing a lot right, trust yourself, back yourself.

And then it’s done, and you sit back in your chair with a chocolate hobnob (not metaphorical this time) and realise it’s not a crime to be proud of your work.

It’s our job to make you proud of the work we do too. And like I said before, we love that.


• Want to know more about our website work? Click here: alchemycreations.co.uk/staging/websites/


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