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A while back a client asked us to look into producing online digital magazines. These were to be offered alongside the printed editions as an additional service.

It started with a football club that wanted to offer supporters the chance to download and read their matchday programmes on their phones or iPads. The club in question had started installing wifi throughout the stadium, creating a perfect opportunity to bring this new software to a larger audience.

We researched and spoke to a number of suppliers, and after some consideration found software that met all our requirements. If you haven’t seen a digital magazine you really need to check out what we can do with it.

There’s a strong belief throughout the industry that this platform for magazines will usher in a new era in which the printed form will start to fade. I don’t believe that this is the case, my feelings are that this will bring a new audience to publications and with this an increase in sales for the printed editions due to the exposure of our work.

A recent NRS (National Readership Survey) found that although the readership for printed newspapers were down by up to 15% for 2014-2015, when the monthly readerships for print and PCs were combined, three daily titles – The Guardian, Telegraph and Independent – achieved treble digit rises of 222%, 206% and 123% respectively*.

There will always be a market for printed publications but with new technology the digital magazine should be at the forefront of our instant generation. Without the need for print deadlines, we can add information right up until the last minute before the customer purchases their edition. We can add video and audio content, bringing a new dimension to the customers experience.

There’s no limits to the amount of pages, no paper costs, no finishing costs, size doesn’t matter and you can link to specific websites for your advertisers. You could even find a company to sponsor your online edition.

We recently produced an online catalogue for an international sports company, for years they had been attending conferences, handing out A4 sheets of paper detailing all their events that they produce. We took this information, added a video highlight reel for each event, one on each page. We created an interactive presentation that they were able to copy on to USB sticks to hand out at the conferences to prospective clients, instead of plain hard copy sheets of information.

This only touches the surface of the capability of our digital magazines and presentations. There’s a new audience out there wanting to see your product, so let us help you reach them.

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* Newspaper stats taken from ‘Spectacular rises for digital readerships as newsprint audiences fall’ written by Roy Greenslade for The Guardian on 3.6.15


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