The odd couple

Alchemy Creations odd couple
Alchemy Creations Scott desk

I have lists for everything, things to do, things not to do, things I need to write a list about. You get the idea – I love to be organised.

When we started the company I soon realised that I was teaming up with someone who didn’t share this same love of order. I like straight lines, Scott doesn’t care for guides. I like a folders and lots of them, Scott keeps everything in one place, his desktop!

Looking at it like this you can start to see why we work so well together. After nearly eight years running a company I guess we could potentially help others who want to ‘go it alone’. Things we’ve experienced, things we wouldn’t do again and things we’d stick at a little longer if we had the time over again.

Getting back to my original train of thought, whatever it is you’re thinking about taking on and whoever you’re thinking about working alongside, just make sure you all bring something different to the table. Just like a marriage you won’t agree on everything, although it will likely be about marketing and bank charges rather than who needs to take the bins out, but you need to be happy and confident that your business partnership will flourish and succeed. If one or both of you are unhappy, it won’t. Talk, compromise if you have to, agree.

We worked together, just two two of us, for five years and probably know enough about each other to justify a prison sentence or two. I won’t even mention the smells…

We’ve made mistakes, a tonne of them, and continue to do so. But we got to a point where we could expand the company, bring others into our relationship if you will, and we are growing more rapidly now than ever before. Running a business is a learning curve that never gets any less steep.

We actively seek advice, even if we don’t always follow it. Never make the mistake of thinking you know it all. Anyone, parents, mates, might have a gem of an idea that you hadn’t thought of – be confident, yes, but not so self-important that you can’t see the potential in the thoughts of others.

And there will be times you need expert advice, and you might have to pay for it. More often than not it costs a lot less than getting things wrong. Recommendations are good though, seek them. Social media can be great for this.

If I were to offer only one piece of advice though it would be this: You spend a lot of your life working. If you aren’t happy in your partnership say something, make changes. Ensure you enjoy going to work even if times are tough. And good luck.



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