Why websites are like pizza

Alchemy Creations pizza
Alchemy Creations Aitchison Raffety

We were overjoyed when we were appointed by UK property firm Aitchison Raffety to design and build their new website.

We did what we normally do when we celebrate – order pizza! The pizza delivery arrived and Scott who ordered them was looking particularly pleased with himself . “Two pizzas, ten toppings and four sides” he proudly informed us. Visually it looked like an explosion in a kitchen.

But back to the Aitchison Raffety web site.

The brief was to give all of their eleven departments their own slice of the website that they could populate with their own copy, their own contacts and images that related to the services they’re offering. Oh, and case studies would be nice too. Better put WordPress on the menu then, a nice clear, easy to manage CMS.

“We’d like a property search that’s compatible with EG PropertyLink” said the good folks at Aitchison Raffety “and a Careers section, and a News section too. We’d really like some infographics sprinkled around and we’d really, really like a searchable Contacts finder showing all of our staff”. The menu was getting longer.

We set about building this mammoth site with all it’s different component parts, all needing to work in harmony together. Meanwhile while the marketing department at Aitchison Raffety had the Herculean task of putting together the copy and information we’d need to populate it which they did with their usual efficiency.

Much like our pizzas, this site had many ingredients to it, had to satisfy multiple tastes and be a rewarding experience. We delivered it and everyone is very pleased with the result.

So a website is really much like a pizza – disparate toppings that all come together to form something great.

Our pizzas were similarly great even though Scott’s seemingly random choice of toppings were frankly bordering illegal. We drew the line at pineapple though because as any sane person would know, pineapple is just wrong!


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