What EXACTLY do you do?

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Design and marketing can cover so many areas, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that clients, friends and even family haven’t pinned down exactly what we can do at Alchemy.

You see, we started out predominantly working in the sports sector, designing magazines and posters for a small number of clients. Over the years this area has grown but it’s in new industries, outside the sporting world that we’ve started to gain more recognition. I believe this comes down to more exposure to what we can offer as a company, finding a way to let potential new clients know how we can help them, showing we have expertise in many different fields, and crucially providing a product to be proud of.

Even now, friends and family still find it a surprise that we can not only design a sports magazine, but we can help with a website, their wedding stationary, a new business brand or simply removing an unwanted guest from a photo!

Looking back at how we have gained new clients I guess it comes down to how you market yourself and how you prove that you’re up to the task in hand. Having case studies and a varied portfolio is one way, another is your attitude when working closely with new or potential clients, if you’re confident in your own skills this will in turn give the client confidence that you know what you’re doing.

Never be afraid to boast about your achievements, let everyone know what you’re working on, get on social media and tell everyone about your latest project, you just never know where your next lead will come from. Build and maintain a website, make sure you’re clear about what you can offer, talk to people that have done it before and always ask questions.

We put everything into every project, we know that something as simple as a business card can lead on to a long term business relationship, and to grow as a company these are the relationships you need to nurture.



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