Design Detectives

Alchemy Creations late night

When my five-year-old asked me the question “what do you do at work mummy?” His wide eyes waited on with anticipation.

I panicked with the thought of the heroic role models in his life so I blurted out “I’m a design detective”. Whatever possessed me to declare such a statement I don’t know, but as his proud eyes sparkled at my commitment it dawned on me there may be a twinkle of truth in my outrageous exaggeration.

As good graphic designers we are naturally inquisitive, continuously analysing and challenging. And granted I am more of Colombo than a Luther, but there may be method to my madness.

Peter Falk’s endearing detective ‘Columbo’ was a small guy, smoking a cigar, occasionally talking of his never seen Mrs. Columbo. But he always came through, he would always surprise you.

We all knew he knew who the murderer was from the get go but he just had to figure out how they had done it before he could apprehend them. Apologising for his excessive questions, he reminds me of what a design detective does. We research, we analyse and we challenge. And as for a great graphic designer, I believe the case can be cracked through extracting meaning from our findings and directing this into that of our own work.

Understanding how people feel and in turn, how a design has the ability to make people feel, is paramount to what we do. This understanding can be used as a way to drive emotion through subtle, intricate and bold ways that evoke an array of feelings for the audience.

What I love about about being a designer…

  • We learn about many types of businesses and fall in love with their products and services.
  • We get to select colours and fonts that evoke response
  • We translate words into visual stories.
  • Graphic design can help a business get noticed and thrive.
  • We can inspire with graphic design.
  • We can have an entire room on the edge of their seats before revealing your creations.
  • You can make businesses look better than their competitors.
  • You never know who will call us next.
  • We get to collaborate with other creative and marketing pros.
  • Every day is unique
  • People come to us for our ideas… and sometimes, unknowingly, to complete their business plan.



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