Badge of honour


The badge is the symbol of a football club’s identity. Its history, its colours, the town it represents, from a coat of arms to animals and initials the scope is endless.

It motivates players and fans alike. Tattoos of the club crest proudly showcase a lifelong bond with teams, clubs positioning their team badge on the top left of their shirt, right above the heart expresses the love we show for our teams. It represents passion, faith and shared highs and lows. Uniting us and the simple action of pulling on a team shirt can bring together people of all ages, religions, backgrounds and races. So what an honour it was for Alchemy Creations to be invited to assist with redesigning the badge for Stevenage Football Club.

Behind every team crest there’s a story and at Alchemy Creations we have worked hard on finding the truth within the club. Stevenage Football Club has consistently made waves in the world of football since its formation in 1976. League titles, trophies and FA Cup shocks have all been part and parcel of supporting the club. The desire therefore was to connect to an identity that honours the progression of Stevenage Football Club with a more modern and current visual style, and we set to work.

We were approached due to our hard-earned reputation in sports marketing working alongside clubs such as Premier League sides Brighton & Hove Albion, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Watford along with traditionally more community-based clubs such as Oxford United, Charlton Athletic, and Leyton Orient. The added pressure of designing for our local team brought a new added rush of excitement though.

Together we immersed ourselves in the club’s culture, experiencing the terraces first hand, having insightful conversations and lengthy debates on colours, details were added, changed and thrown away during the logo refinement stage. Various application mock ups were developed to see how the identity performed in different situations

The fans were heavily consulted during the redesigning process, with fans and players given the option to voice their general opinions on what the badge should look like before a suite of designs were presented for them to choose their favourite.

Different elements of the previous crests were considered during the consultation process, such as the previous oak leaf and royal knight and crown. The general consensus was to keep the design as minimal as possible, with all of the above elements being removed from the final design.

The central ring was designed to represent the inclusive spirit of the club and stands for strength and stability. The six stripes pay homage to the six neighbourhoods, planned in the first new town, united in a community spirit of diversity and strength. It is also a nod to The Six Hills roman burial mounds discovered in Stevenage, honouring the spirit of guardianship.

The previous logo was extremely complicated but the elements had meaning. The Hertfordshire Hart is an animal of power, intuition, vigilance, and holds the ability to change directions quickly. The focus on the head of the Hart was created to ensure a strong presence and stamp its progressive pride.

The antlers symbolise growth and were designed with a smooth strong curve to echo the central stability and strength within the badge.

The gold colour communicates the promotion of the gold standard Stevenage Football Club embodies. The red harnesses the tradition, passion and power of the club and together the combined palette raises aspirations.

As with every football club badge redesign there was bound to be strong reaction after it was unveiled. Football generates passion like little other on these shores and fundamental changes to a club are always emotive issues. We are proud of the final product and hope the club and its supporters look upon it and wear it with great pride for many years to come.



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