The Power of Social


Social media can be a challenging and time consuming place for small businesses.  And with algorithms and other factors at play, getting your content seen can sometimes feel like a losing battle.

But for a number of small businesses, reach can change in a matter of minutes – it takes just a moment of cheerleading from someone, or a brand, who has a raised profile. We loved following the journey of NeonMarl, who were given a shout out by Chris Evans on his breakfast show last week as he admired his producer’s hoodie, which promptly doubled their Instagram followers to well over 20k, and has no doubt changed the scale of their business in a heartbeat.

The support and cheerleading that went alongside this mention for Neon Marl, from other independent brands and customers, would no doubt have delivered social media metrics that week that were significantly increased from the previous week. And this is the brilliant, and immediate, power of social.

But for those still waiting for the break, it also reinforces how important it is that as mini micro (or ‘nano’) influencers we champion and support other businesses around us. If you show us a great product and we have engaged with you as a brand (speaking broadly) we are far more likely to organically share your offer. And we may not all have hundreds of thousands of followers, but it’s a spider web of touchpoints, leading back to your brand.

We also know that people on social media are time poor and quick to scroll. Likes have become harder to gain, but that’s not necessarily because of the quality of your content. The JustACard campaign across social media is a great example of how important it is to support smaller businesses, even if it is just liking and commenting on social posts. Because that in turn means reach, and who knows then just who might come across your brand and drive traffic to your business.

Meanwhile influencer marketing continues to grow, but with brands giving more consideration to personal brand, style and values, rather than just follower numbers.  So potentially, the power of nano influencers is set to increase. And a lot of this will happen organically with apps like LetsBab, allowing brands to reward customers who ‘influence’ their friends to purchase, regardless of their social media following.

One of the most important things to remember about social media is exactly that – it’s supposed to be social. Engage, chat, celebrate, champion – and you will see the same in return.



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