Why should customers care about your brand?


Every brand has a story to tell, but some are harder to define than others.

Think about your favourite brands – can you recall the stories they tell? The brands who do this really well, are the ones whose core values shine through in everything they do, and who actively talk about why and how they exist, and where they are going.  More often than not customers will relate to, and remain far more loyal to, brands who they believe share their values.

Whether you are a multi-national, an SME or a start up, there will always be a story that defines your brand, and this is something that should form a core part of your marketing and comms strategy. It should, but quite often, it doesn’t. Because the day-to-day takes over and teams grow, and very quickly, all that good stuff can get pushed aside, and businesses talk more about a product offer than reasons to believe in the brand.

We know all this, because it happened to us too. When your business is in growth, it’s often hard to set aside time to work out what you stand for, and how you can communicate this.

Earlier this year we ran a Brand Session here at Alchemy, taking the day out to really get to the heart of where we have come from, our brand values and what we want to be known for. With newer members of the team on-board, and an evolving service offer, this was a valuable way to spend a day, and left us more certain about how we wanted to structure our marketing strategy.

As an agency, these brand sessions are now a fundamental part of our client offer, and allows us to get closer to the brands we represent and work with. Once we understand the brand motivation and story, we can create content to bring this to life.

And with brand awareness nearly always a growth target for leadership teams, it’s vital that there is a focus on consistency, and storytelling. Do you have brand guidelines? Do you stick to them? Statistics say it takes between 5-7 brand impressions* before someone remembers your brand, so why would you waste one of these valuable opportunities by not being consistent?

It is imperative to put guidelines in place, and to continue to revisit them, because by their very nature, brands are fluid – which is why regularly checking in on your values and vision is so important.

Perhaps it’s also worth considering that in terms of brand loyalty, one of the most valuable actions is for your customers to re-tell your brand story, so make sure you give them a great story to tell!

Here are a few brand stories we love:

Innocent: https://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/us/our-story

Tony’s Chocolonely: https://tonyschocolonely.com/uk/en/our-mission/our-timeline

Toms: https://www.toms.co.uk/blakes-bio

SipSmith Gin: https://sipsmith.com/our-story/


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*Source: https://www.pammarketingnut.com/2014/05/personal-branding-strategy-social-media-marketing-white-paper/


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