*Out of Office*


As a team we have recently committed to spending more time getting away from our desks and heading out into our industries, whether it be more face-to-face client meetings, conferences, networking or spending time up-skilling as part of our L&D programme.  

Working in a creative industry means that deadlines are tight and workload is extremely reactive, and for that reason it’s crucially important to search out inspiration, if for no other reason than to increase productivity and keep desk-fatigue at bay.

And sometimes this quite simply means leaving your desk, perhaps taking an internal meeting out of the office, or working remotely.  And sometimes, just being 5 minutes away from the office is enough. We are lucky here at Alchemy, we have a wealth of lovely coffee shops and creative spaces around us in Letchworth, and we are close to London.  But it also means spending more time looking around us – investing time to look through a range of magazines or editorials, taking notice of merchandising, shop windows, billboard campaigns – the list is endless, but you have to really, really look. And you also have to prioritise looking.

Which is easier said than done, because we are increasingly a nation of time-poor professionals, but at Alchemy we are taking little steps towards making positive workplace changes. Consider Bill Gates, who took time out of his business to map out future plans during his annual ‘think weeks’ or closer to home, taking inspiration from one of our clients whose whole team go for a walk around their local field at lunchtime. Both great examples of prioritising headspace to drive productivity, creativity and innovation.

Dr. Edward de Bono, a World leading authority on thinking techniques, and the impact on workplace leadership summarises;

“Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits.”

And as a small business, this is exactly why we are encouraging our team to step back from their desks every now and then.

How do you manage this in your own business? Do you regularly manage to find time to leave your desk and seek inspiration, or is it trickier to make a reality?

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