Hello, Norma!


As we start to tentatively emerge from lockdown, we are, as a team, looking to spread a bit of positivity and support within our local communities.

Now in our 13th year here at Alchemy, we are also in our fourth Hertfordshire town, having moved our office space from Hitchin (a cosy office for two), to Stevenage (bit bigger), Baldock (lovely church view, but bells were loud) and now Letchworth (far swankier, a record 10 desks). And with each move we’ve got slightly more professional each time.

As we’ve grown, and moved around, we’ve met clients and neighbours, discovered local shops, pubs and eateries, and have become very fond of each town.

But we’re mindful that lockdown has impacted a huge number of our local businesses, so we’ve been busy working on ways to offer support throughout the past couple of months.

If you’re here on the website, you have access to our free Social Media Housekeeping / Brainstorming sheets. We launched these during lockdown to help brands tighten their digital marketing strategy and ensure their content is relevant and timely.

But we thought perhaps there is something more we could do, to get clear on what this new normal means to our community.

If you are local, you may spot our recent campaign popping up, with bespoke postcards appearing in each town (Letchworth, Stevenage, Hitchin, Baldock), introducing the fact that there is a ‘New Norm(a) In Town’.

But who is Norma, you may ask? Well she’s our new campaign figurehead, a force for good, and a comfort in challenging times. Offering support to businesses who are busy pivoting and changing in line with this new normal.

So if you have any marketing and design-based questions, simply drop her an email (norma@alchemycreations.co.uk), and she will get back to you. She, much like the team here, is a big fan of a nice cup of tea – and a lot can be solved over a brew.

Community means a lot to us here at Alchemy, so we hope that a more tailored, personalised approach to our marketing allows us to offer more support to our local business networks.

Finally, if you spot one of our postcards out and about, you have a chance of winning our monthly draw to bag a month’s worth of biscuits (that’s a lot of biscuits) – simply use #NewNorma, tag @alchemisters, and say Hi… we’d love to meet you.


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