The Alchemy Christmas Poem

Here we go, the Alchemy Christmas Poem…

Before the Christmas break arrives
And the presents and cards come through
We wanted to share our thanks
With a gift, and perhaps a laugh or two.

Each year we face the dilemma
Which prezzies might work best?
We’re a creative agency after all
And so we’re desperate to impress.

Jo threw post it notes everywhere
As our brainstorming session went ahead
The ideas just weren’t flowing until
‘A brew will fix it’ Liam said!

Dottie got thinking…
How about obligatory bottle of wine?
Chocolate, biscuits or tea could do too.
Or maybe a scented candle would work fine?

Or let’s get personal with a photo 
Yes! The matching jumpers of Scott and Paul
That might be too personal though? 
And we’re sworn to silence about that pub crawl!

What else might work for our clients… 
How about making a Christmas cake?
After the Alchemy Bake Off you’d think that would be easy
But Tom mistook the brief and created biscuits by mistake.

Maybe not a bake, the team agreed
‘How about a spreadsheet’ said the marketing team
A lot more ideas, tea and sweets later
What about an Alchemy meme?

Yes, when Kate danced on the table!
But ‘no’ she declared, ‘it’s such a silly plan…
1) that’s just embarrassing and 2)
We simply must think above the average marketing man!’

And alas it finally occurred to us we don’t have a clue
Let’s stop over thinking this holiday gift
And get back to what you kindly pay us to do!

Designs that catch attention, social media memorable to mention
Stress free strategy, client flattery
Animation all stars, analytics graphs and bars

Giving is a wonderful gift that never shall expire
To make brands attractive is what our clients require.

So let’s raise a cheer for another Alchemy Creative Happy New Year.



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