Is your brand in need of a boost?

A fresh pair of eyes and a creative team on-hand might be the answer…

(All we need is one day of your time)

What is Brand Housekeeping?

Brand Housekeeping workshops provide the opportunity to go back to basics and ensure your branding reflects your business, your offer, your product(s) and your output. 

Businesses change shape and grow over time, and it’s important that your branding keeps up with these changes.

Our housekeeping package starts with an audit of all touchpoints, a review of your website, social media, email marketing, mar-comms and more.

A follow-up workshop covers your brand story, your values and mission, positioning in the market, tone of voice and content strategy.

We know that for many businesses, taking the time out to consider these factors is a time commitment. With our workshop structure and proven processes, we help you carve out a space for a creative and productive session, with valuable output and a clear delivery plan to take forward.

Not sure what you need?

If any of these ring a bell, our Brand Housekeeping sessions could be the answer:

Our logo was created years ago and no longer reflects us as brand. We need a new look but don’t know where to begin!

Our branding looks different across various platforms and pieces of content, where do we start?

Many people in our business are using our branding but not in a consistent way.  How can we fix this?

We need a suite of branded assets but don’t know where to begin. Can you help?

We are not sure what our tone of voice is and how best to communicate with our community. How do we create a consistent tone of voice?

Our content plan is in a rut and we are looking for new ideas and processes to make this easier.

With a growing team, we want to bring them into our brand and better communicate our vision and values internally, where do we start?

We are a new-ish business but need a boost to get us started with website content, email marketing and social media content.

Trust the process...

We know time is precious for business owners and leaders, so we have created a package that takes just one day of your time in total.

Each Brand Housekeeping session is tailored to a client’s needs, and the process works like this:

Intro call to determine what is needed (a call, or in person)

Research and brand audit 

Brand Housekeeping workshop (in person) A 4-5 hour Workshop to cover all things brand, we will cover:

  • Your brand heritage / story
  • Vision and values

(tea and biscuits)

  • Storytelling pillars
  • Competitor sets
  • Brand positioning
  • Audit results and actions

(tea and biscuits)

  • Imagery and assets
  • Content pillars
  • Brand activation plan 

Agreed brand assets and deliverables to be delivered based on workshop feedback

Our Brand Housekeeping package starts at £1,500 and we offer additional and complementary packages for brands who also wish to use the Brand Housekeeping process to kickstart campaigns or content delivery. 

Each and every package is bespoke, get in touch to find out more!

Not ready for a workshop yet, or struggling to find the time? 

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