“I had the pleasure of working with the Alchemy team for 2 years. They came into our business tasked with increasing our general online and social media presence and creating, developing and delivering bespoke marketing campaigns, which they did successfully on a regular basis. It was a new industry for them to work in and they took the necessary time at the start of our relationship to completely immerse themselves in our business. They quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve as a brand and implemented their great ideas consistently and efficiently over the course of our partnership.

The Alchemy team is made up of a great group of people, who know their trade very well and are also a lot of fun to work with. As a business, we have decided to fulfil our marketing internally, however, if we need to outsource any marketing projects in the future, Alchemy will be at the top of our list to deliver it.”  

Euan Blundell

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