Collab Apparel

The client

Collaborating with some of the world’s most recognised brands, events and venues – from Premier League football to Grand Slam tennis events – Collab Apparel design, manufacture and deliver completely unique merchandise collections, unrivalled in bespoke detail and finish.

The brief

Develop and launch a brand identity that cohesively raises awareness, increases customer and brand recognition.

Our approach

Through a series of brand sessions, we were able to help Collab Apparel connect with customers on a deep emotional level, building on their hard earned reputation of trust and reliability, who always deliver to the client specification, designed for distinction, and worn with pride.

The look and feel of this brand is an expression of its story, proposition and personality, and includes everything from the logo, colours and fonts to their tone of voice and photography style. We defined a powerful brand that is distinctly and unmistakably Collab Apparel. Focusing in on the unrivalled passion for service, exquisite desire for details and understanding of true authentic collaboration the following manifesto was born.

“Together we craft uniquely, unequalled and unrivalled branded apparel collections, that honour expectations of quality and delivers distinguished detail worthy of the moment.” 

What we delivered

Establishing a strong branding architecture, we built a brand from the inside out. Starting with a strong brand story that really resonates with their customers, and continued through the brand positioning, proposition, personality and tone of voice. We gave a powerful brand strategy, rooted in behavioural science and consumer insight.

The result

Bringing together behavioural insight and bold, original creative work, we generated a powerful brand style.

Collab Apparel – Merchandise that merits the moment.