Give as you Live

The client

Give as you Live provide funding solutions which help connect charities to their supporters.

Showcasing charities and their work, they provide online fundraising toolkits and inspire people to give through online fundraising platforms.

The brief

Create a memorable identity for Give as you Live that builds awareness and drive customers to the website platforms and social channels. Encompassing Give as you Lives’  vision, to set the industry standard for innovative charity fundraising in the UK.

Our approach

The new brand is deliberately human. Working on the basis of respect and admiration for giving people. Communicating in a way that is charming, humble, hardworking and collaborative.

Being charitable has become embedded throughout all our everyday lives –  through shopping, pursuing our hobbies, at our workplaces, and with our celebrations. Just by doing fun things and living our lives to the fullest, we can all spread good deeds from home to globe.

The designs and colour palette aim to inspire the world by showing how easy it is to deliver happiness and change, without any extra hassle or cost. Using warm tones of colour and simplistic collection of illustrative images creates a cohesive mood and style that clarifies the brand’s promise, with a nod to the human experience.

The succinct simple, intuitive visuals are complimented with a knowingly naive, charming and playful tone of voice and human typography to establish empathy and a refreshing change in a demanding market.

What we delivered

Using an innocent gentle humour and a conversational voice, we play with language to bring joy to people. We are humans talking to humans and the empathetic branding has added value to the offer and engage with customers and showcasing how easy it is to raise valuable funds for charities. We delivered a unified experience across all the brand dimensions. Defining its unique advantages and and simplifying the offer.

The result

When human brands work well, it feels effortless. It is ironic that effortless work takes a lot of work. We crafted and created an engaging, memorable integrated brand that has sparked conversations and succeeded in strengthening the tie between the brand and its core emotional benefit. A new exciting chapter of the story has begun for the brand which has inspired the gift of giving to become second nature.