This is us...


Founded the company alongside Paul. Has the mantra of 'messy desk, creative mind'. Awful dieter. Embraced middle age and has grown fond of knitwear and ale.


Co-founder of the company. Awash with OCD which makes for a perfectionist designer and great annoyance at everyone else's lack of organisation.


Comes from a professional background so had to work hard to fit in. Marketing guru. Loves leopard print and coffee. All round over-decorator.


Company mum. Branding and design aficionado. Wearer of glittery clothing and consumer of weird tea. Proper glam. Excellent drinking companion.


The company’s first female. Good at all things social media. Loves dogs and drama. Unused gym membership. May well be a farmer.


Consumer of chicken. Barely listens to the rest of the company. Sits in the corner moaning about designing. YouTube famous. Should wear his glasses.


Youngest member of the team. Eats nothing but cake. Social media and rugby expert. Ignores her broken knee. Colour codes everything. Bit ginger.


Borderline man-bun sporting web designer. Lacks some general life skills. Likes things to look fancy. Has a fake nut allergy. Sugar addict.