Oxford United Beer Can

The client

We have been working alongside Oxford United for over 15 years, from design of their matchday programmes to becoming their Official Creative Partner.

Having worked with the club for so many years we have built a trust that allows creative ideas to come to fruition on a regular basis.

The brief

The club began working with a local brewery, Little Ox Brew Co, to create a bespoke pale ale for their fans leading up to Christmas.

With this, we were asked to come up with a number of concepts that would be presented to the club board and the brewery to take forward to a full branding project.

Our approach

This was an amazing project to be involved in, not only do we love a pale ale, but there are so many amazing beer can designs available that we couldn’t wait to start our own.

We put it to the team to come up with designs, we then collated them and send them across for the club and brewery to look through. These were whittled down to three choices, from here we mocked the chosen designs on to cans of beer and re-sent for a final decision.

What we delivered

The final design was chosen, it was then worked on with greater detail until all parties were agreed we had the right design.

We wanted a design that the fans would enjoy, it had to be easily recognisable as a club product but tie in with their partnership with Little Ox Brew Co.

Alongside this we also produced the design for the packaging that would had the gift pack of two cans and a glass. This had its own challenges, making sure the branding kept in line with the chosen concept, at the same time allowing for space to showcase the cans.

The result

The club and brewery were extremely happy with the final product, which sold out very quickly. The product stands out as a special item that the club and brewery should be proud of and look to replicate in the future.