Mastering photography for social media content:

Best practice for generating captivating content (with nothing but an iPhone)

In an increasingly curated digital age, we all know that it’s important to share high-quality, but authentic imagery. We work with many brands remotely, so offering these top tips (some ours, some borrowed and learnt over the years!) is really beneficial for us when it comes to creating client content.

And whether you are a team out and about, a product-led retail eCommerce, or a B2B SAAS business, photography will be an important element of your social media marketing. Here are the top tips we share with our clients…

Before you take a photo, go to Settings:

Think about composition:

Tell the story:

Taking the shot:

Sharing your images:

Finally, a quick reminder to always consider your audience and what they like to see in their feeds so you can capture the right content in the first place (spoiler, followers love seeing behind the scenes of the brands they follow!)