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2023. The same but different.

Alchemy Creations have been ‘creating’ for the best part of 15 years, back at the start it was Paul and I, living our best designer lives, coming up with work of various degrees of quality, trying our hardest to perfect the holy trinity of Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator with limited success…

But this is now, and coming into this year the company had grown into a one-stop shop for all our clients’ marketing and design needs. Basically we do more than just create. While we are still awash with creativity, we have so much more in our locker. Analytics, reporting, scheduling – the nuts and bolts of marketing – equally as important to our clients but not in the creative column.

So 2023 came and in the spirit of Sting, Madonna and Chico, we dropped the Creations and are now plain ol’ Alchemy. You’re welcome.

It’s been a year of evolution, the logo and brand has changed, our walls are adorned with the finest chipboard we could find, we are more colourful, more cheerful and dare-I-say-it, even a little bit more professional.

Work-wise we’ve helped our clients to further success, had ideas embraced, argued, rejected and celebrated, shared in big wins, helped to pick people up, gone the extra mile (or two), had enough Teams calls to make us nostalgic for lockdown…

When it comes to personnel, selfishly I couldn’t be happier with the Alchemy team. Taking the talent we have as read, the office atmosphere is as good as it’s ever been. After 15 years I still love coming to work, and as a man of simple pleasures that situation is very high up the list of successes this company has given me.

Here’s to 2024. Onwards and upwards.

The year of the chipboard studio