Sport Industry Awards

The client

Benchmark Sport are ‘a family of companies, diverse in nature, but powered by a common unifying entrepreneurial spirit that develops communities, builds talent and shapes purpose-driven brands.’

Their origins are in sport where for twenty years they have celebrated and supported the best the sector has to offer and used sport as a platform to create a global movement for positive social change.

Benchmark put on the Sport Industry Awards, the most prestigious commercial sports awards in Europe and the industry’s flagship event. This year was the 20th edition, marking the first major event that brought the entire sector together since COVID-19.

The brief

This was our third year working on the SIA and the brief is varied and numerous!

From creating the Yearbook, which accompanies the awards, several other bits of literature for the evening as well as designing wall graphics, vinyls for the front of the venue, and sponsor-focussed backdrops – all with tight deadlines – there is a lot to be done.

Our approach

Having worked with a different person at Benchmark every time we’ve been involved with the event, our experience is key as we led on large parts of the project.

We sourced print for different parts of the job and put in place deadlines to ensure everything was delivered on time.

We put in place a project management board on Trello so both ourselves and the client knew at all times where responsibility lay in terms of completing each job.

What we delivered

Allocating projects to different members of the design team, we remained focussed on the very tight deadlines in place and worked extremely hard to press the client for what we needed from them and delivering a suite of designs that both the client and ourselves could be proud of.

Working with a set of creatives given to us, we adapted them to suit the external and internal venue graphics, while using our proven expertise to put together attractive event literature for the guests.

Managing print for several parts of the project, we ensured everything was delivered to the venue on time, including some parts of the job that needed to be printed on the day of the event. Stressful but rewarding!

The result

We delivered a consistent and eye-catching look and feel throughout the venue and event literature. The client was delighted with how everything came together and the event was a great celebration for the industry. All sponsors needs were catered for and all last minute stresses were forgotten as the night was a huge success.