Stevenage Timeline

The client

Stevenage is currently going through a massive regeneration scheme.

The plans to regenerate the town represent an ambitious 20-year programme worth £1bn, which includes major commercial and residential developments. The existing town centre and the surrounding areas will be transformed, delivering new streets, facilities and more for residents and visitors, both now and in the future.

The brief

Part of the regeneration scheme involves the building of a new central Bus Interchange, on the site of an old overground car park. With months of development ahead we were asked to come up with a timeline to celebrate the history of the town from the Bronze Age up until the present day.

This timeline was to be printed and placed on the developers’ boards for passers by to read. The site is in a prominent position on the A602 and opposite the train station.

Our approach

After meetings the regeneration marketing team to discuss the direction and current branding of the project, we came up with concepts for the Timeline until an idea was settled upon.

The regeneration team approved a bold, colourful design using snippets of text that we incorporated alongside relevant imagery as supplied by the team and Stevenage Museum.

What we delivered

Ensuring we stuck with colour themes for the different time periods, we included the impactful pictures and also CGIs of what the regeneration scheme will look like, and a section that incorporates a COVID-19 memorial.

One of the main challenges of the Timeline was the fact the we weren’t sure of exact dimensions until later on into the project so spacing amends had to be made to ensure the flow of the Timeline remained as desired while keeping to the length (nearly 80 metres) of the hoarding.

We also had to make sure all the Regeneration developers approved the wording and images that represented their work. A lot of boxes needed to be ticked!

On top of the final printed version, we’ve also produced a digital version to be hosted on the project’s website which includes a number of additional videos, images and text in a format that will be downloadable for schools and the general public.

The result

Despite the fact that projects such as these traditionally mean more hoops to jump through, working closely with the regeneration team meant we were able to get to a concept that everybody was happy with and develop it into a finished product that the client and ourselves are proud of, and hopefully the people of Stevenage enjoy and are informed by as their town is transformed.