The client

Swedish company Swegon is all about air – clear air, heated air and the stuff that gets carried by the air around you. In this case, smoke. Swegon manufacture smoke dampers that are placed in a building’s air conditioning and ventilation ducting to inhibit the spread of smoke which, due to recent tragic events, are firmly in the spotlight.

The brief

For every smoke damper Swegon sell there’s a maintenance package. But how do you get the word out? There are two markets for the flexible maintenance packages offered by Swegon when a smoke damper is purchased – one in the form of the installer and the other made up of facilities managers who are ultimately the end user. They of course both have their own separate agenda.

Our approach

We decided to talk to the two marketing separately, telling them basically the same thing but telling it in different ways with different rewards. The basic premise was the same, which was peace of mind albeit one side needed a little more incentive in the form of a cash back offer.

What we delivered

We delivered two very different pieces of literature, both effectively communicating the same thing. The facilities manager’s leaflet deals with the subject in infographic form while the installer’s leaflet points out the benefits in list form, complete with pencil to tick them off against those of the competition.

The result

Swegon now has the tools to talk to two important markets making their service contract plans immediately more understandable and ultimately more saleable.