Sycamore Training Services

The client

Sycamore Trust UK is a charity based in Barking and Dagenham which supports parents, carers and individuals affected by autistic spectrum disorders and/or learning difficulties.

They offer a range of specialised services designed to support families, educate the community and empower individuals of all ages to flourish and be valued members of society. As a charity they work very hard on a very limited funding.

The brief

Deliver an awareness campaign for the charity to reach a large audience on a very small budget to promote support and understanding for people with autism.

Our approach

Alchemy Creations thrive on taking on challenges and supporting this charity to make a big difference with a small budget. Crafting an elegant design that suited our client’s preferences, with a limited budget, took a team of clever minds and an efficient use of print area.

Challenges are a great way to test a range of thinking skills, but they also reveal the benefits that come from learning how to think creatively. On a daily basis, autistic children and adults grapple with intriguing problems. They take risks, keep going, and learn to be creative in our ever-changing world. Our goal is to level up autism awareness and unlock understanding and acceptance within our community.

Being autistic doesn’t mean you have an illness or disease, it means your brain works in an amazing way to solve everyday challenges by allowing our audience to take on a challenge themselves we gave them a greater understanding and immersive experience.

What we delivered

When it comes to saving money, the press sheet area is your friend. We created a direct mail campaign that took a small budget and maximised the printing output by designing a single A3 sheet that contained a daily challenge newspaper, riddle game cards, introductory letter and even included a promotional flyer on the reverse to use the paper as economically as possible.

The answers for the fun riddles and challenges were found in the Daily Challenge Newspaper, guaranteeing that the audience would read the charities awareness copy and enjoy ‘The Revelation Effect.’  the little “aha!” rush when you solve one.

To reveal the answers each recipient had to scan a QR code to visit the charities website, this enabled the charity to monitor who and when visited the page, allowing them to capture information and analytics along the way, which would be very valuable in follow up branding communications.

The result

A bespoke direct mail was a game changer for Sycamore Trust that created awareness in new leads and further enforced a ‘local’ community feeling. 

Getting the most out of the press sheet, we effectively maximised the print costs. The unique sizing allowed more print space and the final direct mail was unique, engaging and efficient.