TRIAD Online Magazine Series

The project

The fantastic team at TRIAD who offer tools, training and mentorship to fellow solopreneurs, launched last year, and as part of our early activity together we dabbled with an online magazine in 2021.  As their business has shaped into a monthly cycle of mentorship, coaching and business clinic series, having an online magazine suddenly clicked into place.

We have been working together to make this a strong and impactful way to bring their monthly programme of events, clinics, news and community together in a strong cohesive, and branded, way. Members of TRIAD’s Virtual Workspace have the opportunity to feature in this monthly magazine, and it really brings this online workspace to life for visitors, guests, or anyone new to the Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace.

Big Blue Door's 'Discovery' magazine

Much like any magazine, a combination of consistent elements, guest slots, news, recipes and a monthly feature article based on business clinics from the previous month, have created a publication jam-packed full of interest. Shared with members of the TRIAD community – and beyond – this magazine creates a unique way to connect with clients and friends of the TRIAD team.

The results

TRIAD Founder Karen Collacutt spoke about the TRIAD magazine; “we are so thrilled to have a personalised virtual magazine, something we have created to connect with our community and engage with the larger audience.”

How the series works

With both video and external links embedded into the publication and strong, consistent artwork, we are able to bring the magazine to life for readers, and encourage them to connect with the TRIAD brand.

The TRIAD team are notoriously brilliant at implementing process and using Trello boards for project management, which has created a fantastic process to ensure that everyone understands their role in creating each monthly publication – from signing off monthly design concepts to working on final copy or recording each external link. Curating the magazine in this way has made it a really enjoyable process for both TRIAD and Alchemy!

Karen commented “the bespoke version of something that is uniquely ours, created as a team and connected into our community is really very special. It feels like a huge gift to our people, and to ourselves, and acknowledges where we are, where we are growing to, and shows a little insight into how we are creating the magic. It’s fun!”

Edition three of TRIAD’s Discovery magazine lands today – and you can read it right here! And why not catch up on Edition one and two , to see how the magazine works as a series.

Thanks to TRIAD for allowing us to share their monthly magazine!

The beauty of an online magazine is our opportunity as client and agency to get creative, so with plenty of new ideas and collaborations in the pipeline we are confident that this will continue to be an important part of the marketing mix for TRIAD.

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