The client

Based in Toronto, CA, Triad Group of Companies formed in 2020, with three former solopreneurs, KK, KC and Jackie bringing together their skills, experiences and dreams to form a co-operative built to support fellow entrepreneurs.

Triad Group HQ consists of four distinct business divisions, offering everything from monthly membership, to online learning and curriculum development, consulting, leadership courses, mentorships, and incredible entrepreneurial communities. Program Advisors are on hand to create a personal and valuable experience for every business owner, all underpinned with a strong belief that business can be both fun, and profitable.

The brief

The TRIAD team approached us looking for a satellite marketing team to help them develop their branding, and marketing strategy.

In line with the structure of their business, we were asked to develop a strong brand aesthetic for TRIAD Group HQ, keeping in mind the sub-division branding, and allowing branding flexibility for the business to grow and develop over time.

We were also asked to work towards the launch with a strategy to drive awareness and reach through social media channels.

Our approach

After several exploratory calls we kicked off the branding process with an Alchemy Brand Housekeeping Session, enabling us to get to the heart of the TRIAD brand with KK, KC and Jackie.

We talked about the vision and values of TRIAD Group HQ, and spent valuable time getting clear on the brand mission, allowing the team to take these conversations forward in subsequent sessions. The feedback from the brand session allowed us to work up initial branding concepts, working through iteration rounds until we had a final concept which perfectly represented TRIAD Group HQ.

We proposed a soft launch phase, allowing us to create a strategic digital launch plan across March, tapping into cultural events such as International Women’s Day, and capturing interviews and video testimonials from the TRIAD team.

What we delivered

A clear brand bible outlining the TRIAD Group of Companies, with an overarching logo which developed out into distinct branding for each business division. These sub-brands were created with consistency in mind, using specific colour palettes and imagery to allow them to stand independently, and with impact.

From this point, it was action stations, working on the soft launch content, brand assets and a clear social media plan. As the launch developed, we created impactful brand content to support the immediate launch of the Business Uplift division, including animations, design, copy and imagery.

The result

Using regular Zoom calls, Trello for comms and planning and ContentCal for content planning and approval, we are able to work remotely, but efficiently with this excellent team in Canada.