Office Interiors: Five Years of Creations

by Dottie Turnbull

Over five years ago, aged 17, I walked into the Alchemy office for my first day as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Now, I walk into a rebranded office with plenty of chipboard, lots of desk plants and a mandatory cup of tea – always. 

Although I haven’t been here for the full 15 years of Alchemy (I would have been seven when I joined the team, if that were the case!), I’ve seen the company learn and grow into something we’re all extremely proud of today.

And so, as one of the longest-serving team members at Alchemy (aside from Tom, who’s been here since the Dark Ages), its fair to say the office interior has changed quite considerably over the last five years.

A quick recap of Alchemy’s interior design taste over the years, alongside a few of my personal Alchemy highlights! 


Office Interior: All about the white walls.

My Highlight: Scott and Paul dancing on tables.


Office Interior: All about the panelling.

My Highlight: Passing my apprenticeship. 


Office Interior: All about COVID.

My Highlight: The bird that flew into the office.


Office Interior: All about the photo studio. 

My Highlight: The start of the Alchemy Bake Off. 


Office Interior: All about the rebrand.

My Highlight: The introduction of Friday beers.


Office Interior: All about the chipboard.

My Highlight: Launching our rebrand after a year of hard team work! 

Creative workspace.
Creative people.
Creative ideas.
Team Alchemy

Five years ago the Alchemy HQ resembled any other workplace. White walls and chalkboard paint were the norm, and back then it worked! Five years later, as we’ve grown as a team, our office has too. 

Undergoing an incredible transformation, with creative spaces, pretty Zoom backdrops, a dartboard and table football setup, and plenty of chipboard in between. 

It wasn’t just our branding, socials, website and newsletter that acquired a new look earlier this year. Our office interior had a transformation that is now inspiring, fun and most importantly a space we’re all proud of! 

The best Alchemy ideas often come from office chit-chat and the new look has provided us with the workspace to be as creative as possible in an environment that suits us as a brand.

As for the next five years… 

Alchemy Interiors To Do List:
  • Fix the bathroom tap
  • Office mural
  • Fix the bathroom tap
  • Pink stripes on the back walls
  • Add more prints
  • Fix the bathroom tap
  • Add pendant lighting
  • Chipboard the back wall
  • Fix the bathroom tap

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