Apprenticeship tales...

by Freddy McGovern

Embarking on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was an enriching experience that helped shape my career and personal growth. In this blog post, I share my perspective as someone who recently completed an apprenticeship, and how I got into the position I’m in today! For a young person, the options after education are limited, especially when you aren’t completely sure of what you want to do. Many opt towards university or general work however an alternative option, often less considered, are Apprenticeships…

As a 19-year-old I could not recommend this path more. After my time at secondary school, and unsure on the next steps, I chose to study business at North Herts College as this appealed more to me than sixth form did. This route allowed me more time to work out what my plans for the future were. With a college experience disrupted with lockdowns, online lessons, as well as a new part-time job at Sainsbury’s, I was unsure on where I’d be after my course.

From a young age, watching The Apprentice on TV with my mum and dad, marketing and advertising always interested me. Watching the creativity involved in creating campaigns and spreading distinct messages opened my mind to a possible future career. Whenever I’d be asked what I’d like to do after school my exact response was “I’m not too sure, however, I like the idea of an apprenticeship in marketing/advertising”. My favourite unit by far at college was most definitely Digital Marketing and so towards the end of the course, I began to look into what was available to apply for online and it was obvious that all roles that appealed to me were extremely popular.

This is where I came across Alchemy! Someone sent me the link to Alchemy’s Twitter post announcing they were looking for an apprentice. I got in contact immediately via email and went into the office to speak with Directors Scott and Paul. I was extremely fortunate of how understanding they were about my current college timetable where they allowed me to complete work experience every Thursday around my work and college. Time flew by and after a few months, I was offered a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship which began in August 2022.

My apprentice journey was special. Being given the opportunity to be involved in the most exciting campaigns from the start, the experience I gained was invaluable.

The Alchemy environment is something I could’ve never predicted; I really mean it when I say I was excited to go to work EVERY day and that hasn’t changed to this day. All apprenticeship calls and projects were online to support my day-to-day role in the workplace. On the education side, completing apprentice work was enjoyable as they were all reflections on work I had completed (work I never expected to be completing when I was working at Sainsbury’s just months before!).

My manager Dottie, was an amazing mentor as she allowed me to grow my expertise constantly. In my year as an apprentice, I attended client meetings, orchestrated and presented campaigns to clients, created full email and social media campaigns, as well as so much more. I am now a Marketing Executive and wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than Alchemy.

" We have been champions of the apprenticeship scheme for years now, and seeing Freddy flourish in his role has been great to see! The apprenticeship scheme brings so much energy to our business and we are very proud of all our apprentices, past and present"
Paul Millard, Director

Completing a digital marketing apprenticeship was instrumental in my professional growth. The practical experience, exposure to the industry, and skills acquired have laid a solid foundation for my career. The challenges faced and lessons learned have shaped me into a resilient and adaptable digital marketer. For those considering an apprenticeship, I encourage you to embrace this pathway to success, as it offers a unique blend of learning, growth, and professional development.

And remember, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know! Onto the next steps as a Marketing Executive at Alchemy! You could be next…

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