West Ham United Foundation

The client

West Ham United Foundation are the community arm of West Ham United Football Club. Their aims are to promote health and wellbeing through community participation in sports, tackle exclusion and poverty and advance the education of children and young people.

The brief

Despite it’s links to the football club, the Foundation itself had no formal branding or look and feel to their communications. We were asked to come up with some initial ideas including business stationery and event advertising with a consistent look to it, and once this branding was in place we were asked to work on project marketing and offer design support throughout the Foundation.

Our approach

With the Foundation being part of the football club, we used the colour schemes and imagery associated with West Ham United FC to produce a standalone and recognisable look that could run throughout the Foundation’s work. Following on from that we’ve utilised that look in every aspect of their communications strategy.

What we delivered

After the initial branding was agreed we’ve worked towards bringing all of the Foundation’s projects a consistent look. With participants ranging from pre-school age to their mid-eighties we’ve produced on-brand yet appropriate design, often with challenging deadlines.

The result

The Foundation continues to go from strength to strength and is recognised across the industry as a shining example to others in the field. Our efforts have helped to make their work instantly recognisable to participants, sponsors and the public alike.