WOD Weekends Video

The client

WOD Weekends is a leading fitness travel company – specialising in exclusive weekend breaks to the most beautiful parts of the UK. They combine luxurious, hand-picked accommodation, fine food and specially created work-outs, delivered by respected and experienced coaches in the region’s top Functional Fitness gyms and boxes.

The brief

WOD Weekends challenged us to create an engaging and immersive video to show off their luxury fitness get aways for their socials, to promote the launch of the company. Having created the branding for WOD Weekends, we used their brand colours and assets to create a style that would be used across many different forms of content, from their website to social channels and promo activity.

Our approach

Whilst carefully considering the brand guidelines, we analysed the comprehensive still and video assets provided to create a storyboard that would give us and the client a general idea of how things would look, and how the animation would progress.

It was really important that the luxury element was captured within the film, to contrast with the fitness footage from the box, and the challenging and competitive nature of the product offer. We also wanted to reflect the high energy of each weekend event, and importance of community spirit throughout.

What we delivered

To ensure that the luxury element was captured we carefully selected a balance of clips that showed off the beautiful hand-picked location, the power of the work-outs, delicious organic food and team building activities.

One of the main challenges was to make sure that the music that overlayed the video lends itself to the high intensity of the bespoke work-outs and also the more relaxed, luxury elements such as the accommodation. It was also important that the copy overlaid on the video was impactful yet digestible.

The results

The immersive video helps capture the elements of a WOD Weekend whilst reinforcing their iconic luxury brand details. The strong use of brand colours and elements will also help WOD build a brand style that can be widely recognised.

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