An overview...

We started working with CSG in the year 2021. Since then we have worked collaboratively to bring their complex visualisations to life through compelling 2D and 3D animation. As each video progressed so did the relationship with CSG, allowing us to bring new and exciting ideas to the table.

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By partnering with Alchemy, we've gained the flexibility to craft compelling communications that bridge the gap between technical and non-technical audiences, fostering deeper understanding and engagement.
Rob Davis
Executive Director, CSG

What did we do...

We transform CSG’s complex technology into clear, engaging animations and videos. These captivating visuals break down technical jargon, making their solutions easy to understand for both technical and non-technical audiences. This empowers CSG’s go-to-market teams to drive global sales success.

Taking the static 2D storyboards provided we breakdown each frame accordingly, separating the assets in each frame allows us to determine how much depth we can create within the animation. The storyboard works as a great guide, however our expertise lies in creating the in-between frames that help the video flow throughout. In some cases we turn 2D to 3D, this really allows us to add depth into the video. These animations tend to run parallel to a voice over and audio track that we carefully time to enhance the fluidity.

The results...

Each project pushes the boundaries of whats capable within their branding, ensuring we maintain an efficient workflow with the in-house teams. This includes taking on feedback from multiple departments and teams that span across the world, ranging from engineers, developers, marketing and sales. 

We have consistently supported on multiple projects, and the feedback across the company has been great. There has been a direct increase in requests to visualise more solutions throughout the company, and with each video bringing a new challenge, we can ensure that we are keeping the visualisations fresh by using new and exciting techniques to continue delivering a high standard.

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