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An overview...

Hosted by Benchmark, The Sport Industry Awards is the most prestigious commercial sports awards in Europe and the industry’s flagship event.

We’ve worked on the SIA for a number of years and the brief is varied and numerous!

From creating the Yearbook, which accompanies the awards, several other bits of literature for the evening as well as designing wall graphics, vinyls for the front of the venue, and sponsor-focused backdrops – all with tight deadlines – there is a lot to be done.

I’ve worked with the team at Alchemy for several years on the branding of the Sport Industry Awards and hope to do so for many more! We receive great feedback on the look of the event and much of that is down to Alchemy’s hard work and expertise. The Alchemy team is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating, and no task is too big or too last minute.
Tom Love
Head of Content and Marketing, Sport Industry Group

What did we do...

Allocating projects to different members of the design team, we remain focused on the very tight deadlines in place and work extremely hard to press the client for what we need from them and deliver a suite of designs that both the client and ourselves can be proud of.

Working with a set of creatives given to us, we adapt them to suit the external and internal venue graphics, while using our proven expertise to put together attractive event literature for the guests.

Managing print for several parts of the project, we ensure everything is delivered to the venue on time, including some parts of the job that needed to be printed on the day of the event. Stressful but rewarding!

The results...

We present a consistent and eye-catching look and feel throughout the venue and event literature. The SIG retain our services as we deliver time after time and the event is always a great celebration for the industry. All sponsors needs are catered for and all last minute stresses are forgotten as the nights are a huge success.

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